Taking opinions from television critics or High School students?

Jillian Scheib, Staff Writer

The beginning of a new school year, right after Christmas, the start of summer; these are all prime times for new TV show seasons and series to appear. Whether it’s ABC, Fox, or TBS, at least one premiere will be sure to catch your interest. Every night on almost every channel, someone will be excited to catch an episode of their favorite series. Because there are so many, it’s hard to find the “top five” TV shows that are rated as “must watch.” Depending on gender, interest, and free time, favorite series vary tremendously. When a group of teenagers 16-18 years old were asked about their most watched, most anticipated, the results were scattered. The Big Bang Theory on TBS received the most attention, while Workaholics, on Comedy Central, came in second by one vote. But, on Wednesday nights, you’re sure to see Twitter blow up with Workaholic quotes to express excitement. Favorites vary between boys and girls, as some girls may prefer Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) over The Walking Dead (AMC). Other popular series that were voted on included Revenge (ABC), Modern Family (ABC), and Adventure Time (Cartoon Network). As you grow older, you begin to discover channels other than Disney or Nickelodeon, and thee shows you now love have you up until 10 or later. You begin to watch what your parents watch, and enjoy what surprises you.  You can’t always rely on the reviews that come from the critics; after all, you know what you like best. If you rely on ratings from others, begin with The Big Bang Theory win for over all student votes, and ratings from critics. One week in January, 18,000 people tuned into TBBT and received a rating of 10.9 This time last year, American Idol and The Voice were highest rated and the most viewed. As we begin another season of American Idol this year, we don’t see the show gaining as much popularity this time around. What was the lowest rated TV show of the year 2012? Nikita, a show on the CW, had terrible ratings and a view count that was decreasing. Although, the show does have fans and it hasn’t stopped them from ending the show. Maybe you like what you like, and the highest rated shows don’t have an effect on you. For some, the reviews help you decide if you want to tune into a new series and look for it each week. But, sometimes you go with what you know you will be interested in, and that is just as smart.  If you’re looking for a new television obsession, take some advice from MHS students and tune into these fantastic series: Workaholics: Comedy. On Comedy Central, Wednesday,10 PM The Mindy Project: Comedy. On Fox, Tuesdays at9:30 PM Pretty Little Liars: Drama. On ABC Family, Tuesdays at8 PM The Big Bang Theory: on TBS. New episodes on Thursday nights.