Top ice cream locations in the Milford/Highland Area

Dairy Queen introduces their summer blizzard line up (Photo courtesy of

Bria Washburn, Staff Writer

With the rising temperatures, and the days left until summer quickly declining, it’s time to start thinking about ice cream again. Luckily for Milford/Highland residents, there are plenty of great options in the area. Here are your top 4 area options: 

#4) Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is always a safe option when the ice cream craving sets in. Though they only serve soft vanilla and chocolate ice cream, their menu still consists of a variety of sundaes, blizzards, shakes, and more for you to try. Some favorites from DQ include the M&M blizzard, banana split, royal New York cheesecake blizzard, triple chocolate brownie sundae, and the peanut buster parfait. Dairy Queen never disappoints, and if you’re craving a good soft serve or a fun blizzard, then DQ’s the place for you. Senior at Milford high school Sydnie Uphoff loves the variety of DQ. “Dairy queen has an ample amount of options like shakes, blizzards, sundaes, and more. Not to mention you can expect the same thing every time, they’re pretty consistent.” There’s one right next to the high school with a drive-thru and another right outside of Kensington Metropark, so if the weather permits, you could go for a nice walk or bike ride and finish it off with some delicious ice cream.


#3) Proving Grounds

Proving Grounds is another great option for getting a good scoop of ice cream. Unlike Dairy Queen, Proving Grounds only offers hard ice cream. Their menu consists of “Artisan small-batch Ice cream” from Browndog Creamery in Farmington Hills. The flavors they offer vary, but oftentimes, you can find classics, such as cookie dough or chocolate as well as more fun flavors such as “The Salty Dog,” which is a fun spin on a salted caramel ice cream. Proving Grounds also offers some vegan/dairy-free ice cream flavors, including a vegan cold brew mocha oat milk ice cream. Proving Grounds ice cream is absolutely delicious and is a must-have if you find yourself in downtown Milford with a sweet tooth. And if you’re not necessarily feeling ice cream, they also have amazing coffee, teas, sandwiches, and more if you’re interested. It’s also a great way to support a local business.


#2) Snack Attack

Coming in at number two is another local ice cream shop located in Highland. Snack attack offers lots of fun ice cream variations including different custard flavors, Guernsey hard ice cream, lots of unique and tasty sundaes, snow cones, parfaits, and plenty more! It’s a great place to go with family and friends to sit and have a delicious ice cream on a hot day. Some of their favorite options include all of their soft serve custard flavors, the Oreo brownie sundae, the banana split blurry, and the birthday cake parfait. Definitely be sure to stop by if you’re in the area, it’s just off of Highland road, right near Highland House!

#1) Press and Scoop

In first place is Press and Scoop, formally known as Twist and Shake, located in Highland on Milford Road. Press and Scoop is open year-round and their ice cream and coffee are both delicious. Like Snack Attack, they offer a large variety of ice cream options including many soft-serve flavors such as cake batter, cappuccino, Hawaiian coconut, and of course, chocolate and vanilla. Press and Scoop serves lots of local and Michigan products including MooVille, Country Dairy and Ashbys ice creams. They offer lots of different hard ice cream flavors including mint chocolate chip, black cherry, cookie dough, Michigan pothole, and much more. Press and Scoop’s menu also consists of delicious specialty sundaes that are definitely some favorites! Another Milford student Noelle Lang is a big Press and Scoop fan. “I absolutely love their ice cream,” she says, “their hot fudge sundaes always hit the spot.” They have a drive-thru but also a nice sit-down area so you can sit outside while enjoying some ice cream.