Community gathers to help Milford student after house fire

Kylei McRee, Staff Writer

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The morning of October 27, 2017  was just a normal night for most families; but for junior Sam McKay and her family, it was a night that’ll never be forgotten.

The start of the mobile home fire in Highland Green Estates is still unknown to this day. It is believed to be an electrical cause and originated from below the mobile home and came up through the floor of four year old Sophia Houghton’s bedroom. “I don’t remember much because I was in so much shock, but I do remember my step-dad opening the door and seeing the glow of the fire,” recalls McKay.

Arthur, McKay’s stepfather, was rushed to the Detroit Receiving Hospital and was admitted for smoke inhalation; while Sophia was rushed to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan where she received care. She suffered from second degree burns on her hands and arms, third degree burns on her feet and one of her knees, and first degree burns on her back. She was released from the hospital after two days, but she is still on the road to recovery.

“The only belongings we could find were my mom’s purse, the car keys, my mom’s glasses, and the clothes we had in the washer and dryer,” explained McKay. Everything else in the home was unsalvageable.

The Milford/Highland communities have come together to help the Houghton family tremendously. “My brother set up a Go Fund Me to help with all our expenses, the Milford High School Vocal Program has donated clothes and makeup to Sam for the play, and friends and family are giving so much support- it is just overwhelming,” stated Alisha Houghton, mother of McKay and Sophia. The goal for the Go Fund Me is set for $20000 and so the family has received over $17500 in donations. The family did not only receive monetary donations, but they were also given clothes, appliances, and furniture to aid in the restoration process.

McKay and her family have recently moved into a new house in Davisburg, Michigan. Almost everything needed to furnish the house was donations. Mrs. Houghton said the only things she really had to purchase were little knick-knacks here and there.

Though they have gone through a rough time, the family still finds a way to stay positive. “Something good comes out of everything,” said McKay.

If you would like to donate to the family, go to

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