What you should keep in your car

Izzi Putrus, Staff Writer

While many students are thrilled to get behind the wheel, they often don’t think about what items they should be keeping inside of their car. Being in high school, it is a very cool and new experience when you get your license. You are ready to hop on the road and drive. However, there are some crucial things you should always have in your car, especially living in Michigan. With the rough and snowy weather conditions in the winter months, a brush/scraper is always handy to have to clear snow and ice from your car. With this unpredictable world, you can never know what could happen while you are on the road.

With today’s world being so unpredictable you never know what may happen each day, so it is always better to be prepared. Brian Salyers, teacher at Milford says “ my family keeps a few nontraditional things in our cars like, duct tape, a head lamp, toilet paper and a utility knife. As weird as it may sound these things do come in handy especially when you may least expect it. In our cars we also keep a med kit stowed away just in case.” Taking those little things into consideration may help in time of need.

Legally, the U.S. requires driving with a driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration. This is made very clear when you get your license. But what about the little things such as a phone charger? A phone charger can keep your phone alive and that can be a saving grace when you’re in a place you’re not familiar with. However, no matter where you are, there are a multitude of items that would help in cold and/or wet weather conditions. Such as a sweatshirt or blanket to keep warm, and a towel to keep dry in rainy conditions. These items can also be helpful in rare situations like car accidents, or if your car breaks down. In occurrences like that, it’s always good to be prepared for anything to happen. In case of a flat tire, it is good to make sure your car has a spare tire. As well as making sure to keep tools in the car such as a wrench. Tyler Whitney an avid car lover at Milford said this “I keep a tire pump, a jack, breaker bar, wheel lock key, boots and a pressure gauge.” Says Whitney Keeping these things in mind, these items can help in times of need especially when we least expect things to happen.