MavPack shows a new wave of appreciation

Courtney Fortin, Editor in Chief

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When Friday nights roll around, there’s a special kind of atmosphere in Milford. Student-made flags ripple through the air as a line of trucks drive through downtown spelling out M-I-L-F-O-R-D, parents and students file onto the bleachers as excitement grows in the crowd, and all eyes are on the field.

With the football season at its halfway point, games have already been getting great turnouts; however, it’s become evident that football isn’t the only sport gaining attraction this fall. The MavPack has been packing up the flags, posters, and cowbells and bringing the crowd to different sports that don’t typically have a large attendance.

“It’s been a long time coming for people to realize that it’s not all about Friday night football,” explained senior Nic Glazer. As a student who thrives on school spirit and participation, Glazer has taken the initiative to get others to spread appreciation to other teams who don’t normally get recognition.

With the fall season beginning, the MavPack has been active in sports like tennis, boys soccer, and volleyball. In addition, members plan to start attending more events like choir, band, and other sports that may not have a lot of spectators. As of now, the majority of the student section at events is upperclassmen, but Glazer assured that underclassmen will follow the lead soon and start showing up more. “It’s a matter of time until other students catch on and realize all the fun other events can be.”

In some students’ cases, they’ve already begun to realize that other sports can be enjoyable. Flop Squad, a student section primarily for soccer games, has taken the advantage of attending games to show their support. Before the school year even started, Milford’s soccer team saw an immense crowd at their game against Lakeland High School thanks to the Flop Squad.

Senior Nolan Bailey started Flop Squad with his fellow cross country runners his sophomore year as a way to show appreciation for other athletes. The number of fans at soccer games has increased tremendously thanks to the large posters and ecstatic cheering. “Going to different games is all what you make it,” explained Bailey. “You can enjoy other sports just as much as football, you just have to get friends together and make it fun.”

In addition to the crowds enjoying different events, it adds an element of excitement for the athletes too. Varsity Tennis player Eric Harding has noticed more classmates coming to watch  the tennis matches as the season goes on. “It’s nice to have people show up to something you wouldn’t expect them to,” said Harding. “It gives the whole team encouragement and actually makes us do better.”

The school spirit doesn’t just stop outside of school; seniors this year have taken it upon themselves to start a new tradition of having spirit day Fridays that coincide with the football game themes. Although it’s the students taking initiative, the different attempts to spread spirit don’t go unnoticed.

Student Activities director Dave Gilbert has observed the cultural change of sports and is all for it. “People in the stands at different sporting events actually care,” Gilbert noticed. “They care about their school and want to make a difference and promote school spirit.”

As the school year continues, this is only the beginning for the MavPack. With a new wave of respect for each other, students will start attending more events and have fun doing it.

“Seeing other students appreciate one another and show up for each other at different events is a teacher’s ideal situation,” confessed Gilbert. “Now that’s the dream.”

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MavPack shows a new wave of appreciation