Milford Miracles makes the holidays brighter

Apryl McDiarmid, Photo Manager

This last holiday season, the MHS Leadership class might the holidays a little brighter for many area families. After running a five-week fundraiser in each classroom, MHS students raised $8,811 and provided 13 families and 50 people with gifts this year.

Each Leadership student was given the chance to deliver a gift to a family that is less fortunate.

“We drop off the present and say Merry Christmas and we only have time to stay for about five minutes, but I wish we had longer,” said Leadership student Sophie Phillips. “It makes you feel good that you’re doing something for your community that is benefiting someone who maybe is less fortunate than you,” Phillips.

The Leadership students only have one school day to drop off the gifts to the chosen families.

The idea behind Milford Miracles originated when former teacher Señora Longcore brought Toys for Tots to Milford High School. Señora Alfaro, Spanish teacher at MHS, then took it over when Longcore retired. Alfaro wanted to expand it make it a little different. She wanted to reach a lot of families to make the holidays enjoyable for everyone no matter their age.

Alfaro leads the Spanish Club at MHS and this is where they finalized the idea of Milford Miracles.

Leadership students are now in charge of running this charity which ran from Nov. 7 to Dec. 16.

To raise money, Leadership placed baskets in every classroom and around local businesses in downtown Milford. Students were asked to throw in spare change or even a few dollars to support the cause. 

“Any student at MHS can donate money. Even an adult shopping downtown can donate since there are baskets in the shops around town,” Sophie Phillips.

Alfaro is pleased that Leadership has taken over the charity and has helped so many families.

“Students should participate in this because kids need to learn to give to others and share what they have with other people. Giving a family a better holiday, clothes, or money for gas does make a difference,” Alfaro.

Gilbert was thrilled because he had hoped to raise enough money for 10 families and the charity exceeded expectations. 

Personally, Alfaro had a goal of raising $1,000. “I let my students know they can donate by having a deep conversation with them every day at the beginning of class and I express the need that there really are people out there that need help, even if it is just a little bit,” explained Alfaro.

Once the money is raised, Leadership students ask for items of need from families and shop for them.

“Each student is given a family which is incorporated with Adopt a Family and we buy a gift or a Christmas dinner for them,” explained Phillips. The Leadership students then deliver the families the presents. 

Milford Miracles is a charity that helps families in need and contributes donations to make their holiday brighter. With your help MHS can change the holidays for more families and make their holiday season brighter.

“Being a part of Milford Miracles has made me realize how fortunate I am and I am very grateful for all that I have,” explained Phillips.