It’s time to get schooled

Nathan Grigereit, Assistant Opinion writer

Like most other public schools in Michigan, Milford High School began classes on Sept. 6th Most students were not looking forward to going back to school, but some were. This marked the end of summer vacation, and for many, the end of summer as a whole.

“ I was depressed, it felt like a part of me died,” said Albert Florido, a junior at MHS.

Florido says he looked forward to seeing his friends when school started. His least favorite part of going back is meeting new people. Florido’s favorite part of school is his creative writing class, because to him it is “an outlet to actually create and do something I enjoy.” He also says that his least favorite class so far is algebra 2.

There are students who share the same feelings as Albert, but others have more mixed feelings.

“It’s disappointing to go back to school, but it’s kind of exciting to see everyone again,” said Hunter Long, a junior at MHS. Long looked forward to seeing friends and people he hadn’t seen or talked to all summer.

“I didn’t look forward to having to take classes again,” said Long. “My favorite part of school has been playing on the tennis team and going to the football games.”

Not everyone shares the same feelings about coming back to school like Albert and Hunter. Some people are excited to be back so they can either see friends or so they can play a sport.

“I feel excited and sad about going back to school ” said Brandon Gollan, a junior at MHS.

“ I looked forward to the next chapter of my high school career and all of the new classes that I will be taking this year, ” said Gollan. Gollan didn’t look forward to summer ending and him having to get up at 6 AM. He says his favorite part of school is being able to be around friends and to play a sport. Gollan doesn’t have a least favorite class so far.

The school year has just started, so for many students, classes might change or they might meet new people. No matter the attitude, there are still 9 months left to go.