How to Survive the PSAT

Nate Davis, Staff Writer

This year was the first that Juniors were required to take the PSAT. This test is supposed to prepare them for the SAT. Unfortunately, I was one of these Juniors. Here are some tips for those who will be taking it in the future.

  1. Be prepared to be cold. The air conditioning in the field house was on full blast. At first, it wasn’t too bad, but it seemed to get colder as the hours passed. To be safe, I would wear a hoodie or two, as you can always remove layers.
  2. NO FOOD OR DRINK IN THE TESTING AREA! Unfortunately, this includes water. You will need to wait until after the test to eat or drink anything. If you accidentally do bring a water bottle with you, I would advise against drinking it all before entering the testing room, as you will need to use the bathroom much sooner than is comfortable.
  3. Bring a calculator. Though they claim that the math section does not require one, it goes more quickly with one. Also, less space will be taken up on your limited work paper if you can do the simple additions with a calculator.
  4. Make sure your #2 pencil is sharpened, and make sure you have more than one. While you can borrow a pencil, it’s better to have your own to ensure the eraser actually works, the pencil won’t break every four seconds, etc.
  5. Make sure you bring stuff for the rest of your classes. The test only takes four out of the six hours in the day, and you will still be going to lunch, 5th, and 6th period.
  6. Don’t bring your phone into the testing area. If you do accidentally have it in your pocket, make sure its off. There is nothing more embarrassing than invalidating your entire grades test scores  to John Cena’s theme.

If you follow all these tips, and don’t freeze, die of dehydration, forget long division, starve, or get banned from the SAT forever, you should be just fine.