Milford students share their favorite Hallmark movies

December 16, 2022

Evalynn Johnson


Although Junior Evalynn Johnson originally struggled to choose a favorite out of the many exciting options of Hallmark movies, she eventually decided on Netflix’s “Christmas Inheritance.” Directed by Ernie Barbarash, this heartwarming film sees a city girl, Ellen Langford, travel to the town of Snow Falls and find her true love. “I feel like they’re like the earliest thing that happens when it comes to Christmas festivity,” said Johnson, in regards to what Hallmark movies bring to the holiday season, “November first they are out on Hallmark and they are what gets me in the Christmas spirit.”


Natalie Melody


Sophomore Natalie Melody chose the 2020 film “A Timeless Christmas” as her favorite Hallmark movie. This magical movie, directed by Ron Oliver, follows a time traveling man from 1903 who travels to 2020 and falls in love with his 21st Century tour guide. Melody had a similar favorite trope to Johnson. “I like when the big city girl falls in love with the small town country boy,” she said, “I love watching romance movies around the Christmas season”. However, unlike Cornett and Johnson, who both felt that Hallmark movies just added to the overall Christmas spirit, Melody had a new perspective. “I feel like they add to the cozy effect of Christmas time. I love cozying up with hot cocoa on the couch to watch a Hallmark movie every year.”

Alexis Cornett


Senior Alexis Cornett credits “A Nashville Christmas Carol,” directed by Dawn Wilkinson, as her all time favorite Hallmark movie. The 2020 film follows a hardworking television producer, Vivienne, who is visited by the ghost of her mentor as she struggles to keep her life on the right track. Cornett enjoyed the humorous plot and the recognizable cast. “I really thought that it was a great entertaining film and I liked that Kimberly Williams Paisley and Winona Judd were in it,” she said. Part of the charm of Hallmark movies is that they all follow similar plot tropes. “I have to say that I’m a big fan of the Hallmark movies that involve royalty,” said Cornett, “but my least favorite trope is when the big city girl meets a small town boy and stays in the small town for him.” Everyone who watches Hallmark movies knows that they are a prominent part of this season and has their own special reason for loving them. “They bring such a great sense of magic and joy” said Cornett, “and every year there’s 40 more!”

Ayla Campbell


Freshman Ayla Campbell had an immediate and energetic response to her favorite Hallmark movie: “Operation Christmas Drop.” This 2020 Netflix movie, directed by Martin Wood, follows a congressional aide, Erica Miller, as she navigates an Air Force Base and tries to work with the overprotective Captain, Andrew Jantz. They end up having to settle their differences and work together on the Operation Christmas Drop. Campbell is a movie lover, so she was thrilled to experience a new movie when this one came out. Ever since she and her mom sat down to watch it two years ago, they were hooked and have watched it every year since. Campbell expressed a love for many different types of Hallmark movies and, like Johnson, she mentioned liking “Christmas Inheritance.” Although it isn’t featured in “Operation Christmas Drop,” Campbell claims that the city girl and small town boy cliché is her absolute favorite as well. “I feel like it’s not really Christmas until you watch a Hallmark movie,” said Campbell.